The Final Countdown

Wow…Summer is almost gone and dog school is quickly approaching! On Sunday, I will be shipped off to Yorktown Heights for training with my “Paws.”

When I started this blog in February, I had just sent out my application for training at Guiding Eyes for the Blind. It has always been my intention to share with folks my experience throughout this journey, and I simply cannot believe the day is almost here…

Right now, I am a ball of emotions (on the inside). Excitement, anxiety, apprehension, anticipation, what-ifs, what-abouts, how-will-Is, can’t wait, want to chicken out….all surging through my veins simultaneously. The dog, the stay, the introverted person set in an unfamiliar place for 21 days. The awkward training trips, the standing out, the being away from home and work for three weeks. The coming home, and everything has changed…

Nevertheless, I will face my fears! Why? Because you don’t grow unless you step out of your comfort zone. And, I’ve found that when I do, the end result is usually better than I could’ve imagined 

I’ve received some information from the school. It looks to be a pretty structured schedule. I’m hoping to spend a few minutes nightly typing away at the keys to fill you all in on what’s going down up here (notice that word play? Ha.) Keep checking back, because this blog famine will soon turn into a feast (I hope)

On a side note, I wish I could recap for you my entire summer. The past few months alone have brought so much growth. It appears my shoe journey really did start something on the inside of me. A few notable moments include:
-Detouring to grab a cup of coffee, just because. I know that looks insignificant…but it is not.
-Utilizing Bob to make my journey through the airport easier
– Finding my way home on at least 2 occasions through large stations that I’ve never been in or rarely are in.
-Moving and now walking 6 blocks, instead of my old 1.5 blocks on the way home from work.

I know to the average person the above statements look trivial, but to me, they are huge. I have definitely grown more okay with standing out than I was even a few short months ago.

Onward and Upward!

7 thoughts on “The Final Countdown

  1. I know that I can’t even begin to imagine all of the feelings going thru you right now and all of the unknowns. But what if you tweaked your perspective juuuuuust a hair. What if you knew it was going to be a glorious unfolding! I believe God is going to blow you away one moment after another and I can’t wait to hear about it. You are about to meet someone who is willing to protect you with his life, and who will be a loving, forgiving, constant companion and friend. He will even walk you to and from work every day!! I know I am probably getting annoying, and the challenges you are facing are real…but,…. WHAT IF….Ahhhhh!!! 😊 so hyped to meet your gift from God.
    You know I love you,
    Mom ( # 2)

  2. You are awesome! I’m very excited for you and your journey through this school to get your guide dog. I hope this makes things easier and you continue to grow. You’re just simply… awesome!

  3. Good luck Rebecca ! You are an inspiration to so many of us. God will give you the strength to endure and coninutcyour journey! I love you and miss you !

  4. Rebecca I left a message for your mom with my cell phone number. Let me know if you need anything and when you can have visitors. I live about 20 minutes away and would love to meet you. I’m your mom’s cousin, Marions’ sister and Kimmy’s aunt.

    1. Hi Barbara! It would be awesome to meet u too! I got ur cell from my mom and can send u info on visitation hours etc. it was so sweet for u to offer to come out 🙂 give my love to Marion and Kimberly

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