2015 in Review

Let me start by saying 2015 wasn’t overly eventful, but it was a great year, one that i will look back fondly on for years to come.

This past year, I have continued to push myself to do things that i would not have ordinarily done. I took up running with Achilles Brooklyn, a chapter of Achilles International, a group which focuses on running, pairing individuals with and without disabilities to come together and get fit. I ran my first 5k and made some great friends through this group. I took up tandem biking, with InTandem, who makes cycling possible for individuals who are blind or visually impaired by pairing them with volunteers who are sighted. I met great people through this group too, and completed my first long distance bike tour, the Gran Fondo NJ, in September, where i rode 43 miles. I also did a smaller long distance ride, the Tour De Bronx, with my husband, which was really fun,

I’ve been on a lot of adventures with Jingles. I took my first bus trip to Boston with Jingles to see my folks, who had moved to MA a few months before. I took to the streets of NYC with only Jingles and my GPS and discovered some great restaurants, attended seminars for work, and continued to challenge my comfort zone. Jingles and I even took a trip to Cambridge to visit a friend who was a classmate of mine in guide dog school. This required us to plot our route and take MA’s public transit system without any previous experience, and we rocked it.

Speaking of Jingles, I’ve had the honor to speak for Guiding Eyes for the Blind on several occasions this past year. I was interviewed by USA Today, and my story was published in their spring/summer Pet Guide, I spoke at GEB’s Annual Golf Classic fundraiser, where Adam and I shared a table with Eli Manning – and all the football folks are jealous of me haha, and most recently, i got to speak at the Yale Club a couple of weeks ago.

I’ve grown professionally. Staff transitions at my job stretched me and gave me opportunities to develop my abilities. This past fall, I landed a new job that i love at a non-profit much closer to home, which has continued to push me to grow professionally.

Adam and I are better than ever. We’ve supported each other through challenging situations, enjoyed each other’s company all year, and spent plenty of time at the beach. In November, we celebrated 6 years of marriage, and I couldn’t ask for a better mate.

So, that’s my year in a nutshell. There’s a ton more that i could say, but those are some major highlights. Nothing crazy, nothing extraordinary, but all good.

Looking back, I haven’t accomplished everything i wanted to when 2015 started, there’s so much more i could’ve done, but that is what new years are for. I wonder what 2016 will bring? I certainly have my resolutions. I want to continue to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone and do new things. I want to stay in touch with family and friends better than i have before. I want to put new experiences under my belt with Jingles. And, of course, I want to lose a few pounds, haha.

What are your resolutions?