Meet Bob

Before I get into writing too many posts, I thought I should introduce you to my friend Bob and tell you where he came from, as his name will, no doubt, come up in some of my stories.

So who is this Bob fellow? Well, Bob is the tool I hate to love and love to hate…Bob is a little shorter than me, and never tans. He is stick thin and sports a black flat-top ‘do. He’s always two steps ahead of me, but tends to trip me up from time to time… Bob is my “cane.”

How Bob and I met:
A little over a year ago, I caved. After years of stubbornly refusing, I finally succumbed to learning how to walk with a “long white cane,” also known to some as a “blind cane,” “mobility cane,” or just a “cane.” Well, I was having some trouble dealing with the psychological aspects of even being seen with this staff of white and red reflective “glory,” and even worse was the name. I refused, and still refuse to call the thing by its rightful name. The word “cane” has such negative connotations associated with it in my opinion, conjuring up images of frailty or helplessness when mentioned. So, I began calling the thing my “walking stick,” but even that wasn’t enough.

I hated the thing so much, it was absolutely necessary that I do something to remove some of my negativity towards this object. With that in mind, I decided to personify it by giving it a name, and therefore, a great code name as well. I christened my stick “Bob” about a year ago, and refer to it as Bob since. Why is this relevant? Well, you’ll often find me referring to “Bob” and if you didn’t know what I meant by this, some of my stories may be a little confusing 😉

In essence, that is how Bob came to be. We’ve had a rocky relationship, but are learning to live with one another, one day at a time.