I am Curious

I had a thought.

I’ve filled the last couple posts with interesting, challenging, or difficult experiences. I have multitudes of these stories, however, if I only fill my posts with stories like this, it might get a little monotonous to read. Then, I thought, every time I actually talk to someone about my experience, they have tons of questions and curiosities of how I go about my daily life, how I accomplish certain tasks etc.. Heck, I have loads of questions for other blind folks myself.

So, what I want to know is…….what do you want to know?

Tell me what topics you’d like me to cover. Ask me questions that you are curious about. I wish to be an open book here, about the way I “see” the world, anyway. I’d love to devote posts to answering your questions, to mix up this thing a bit 🙂

I’ve grown so used to doing things differently, and it becomes so ordinary, that I forget that others may be curious.

So…tell me what you want to know! Post a comment on this page, send me an email to rebekah.m.cross@gmail.com, Facebook message me (if we’re friends on there), and I’ll save the topics and thoroughly answer your questions in future posts 🙂

Some examples of topics could be: How do you do your makeup? What do you do about reading? What is one annoying thing about the visual world? (mind you, those are just examples)

We’ll see how this little experiment goes!